Friday, September 28, 2007

Friday - lampworking day

This is one of my finished bracelets - I'm very pleased with the way it turned out - I have made another and wear it most days! I also made the toggle clasp myself - it has a hammered finish. This bracelet and two others are currently on the Etsy shop (see links)

This is just a photo I took in the car - I wasn't driving, by the way!

I tried my new glass today - it's baking in the kiln at the moment. One lovely green colour surprised me by going a yukky green - just like that slime that you can get in tubs for children.. I must find out if it was supposed to..


Lesley said...

Hi - I've just found you through your S-I-L's blog. I'm in Hampshire too - so at least there are too Hants bloggers out there now.
I love your lampwork. I've seen lots of glass beads but I have to say yours truly stand out as something special and different (in a good way). I'd love to try lampwork but DH might draw the line at that one!
Very best of luck with your blog and I'll be reading. Enjoy the rain :o)

Florence said...

Wow - I'm so impressed, your beads are gorgeous!

I just found your blog through your sister-in-law's - how lucky you are to belong to such a creative family, I think it makes such a difference having people close who share the same passions (mine comes in the surprising form of my mother-in-law...I married well and have a wonderfully crafty m-i-l who will happily spend hours discussing projects!

Good luck with your blog!

Florence x