Friday, January 16, 2009


It is far more comfortable in my shed now the weather's warmed up a bit, and I've noticed it's already staying light longer in the afternoon. I fancied doing some really bright beads, and made another rainbow set!
Today I had another bash at the Luna which I haven't been able to get colours from so far - this time I dipped my flat tweezers in water, heated it up to dripping hot, and cooled with the tweezers, then warmed higher in the flame until glowing again, and did the tweezer thing again, several times. The two beads look very different to each other, but I'm really pleased as they have gone some lovely colours.. show you when it's bright enough to take a photo!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

new year

I had a break over Christmas, it was lovely and relaxing and going back to school and work has been difficult!

It was -7 in my shed yesterday morning, the pot of water on my desk and the bead release frozen solid! I thawed it in warm water, didn't seem to come to any harm.

Today I bought myself some legwarmers to wear in the shed and out at work - they were great!

I made some discs and barrels using Psyche and a bit of Triton, encased in plenty of clear - and this time I decided to go back to effetre clear just to see if it was all that bad.. well, it wasn't! It seemed easier to melt after the Vetrofond clear I have been using for ages, and it wasn't so bad at turning the silver gold coloured, so all in all I'm happy!

I was also very generously donated some boro glass to try, and when I have bought some welding goggles I'll give it a whirl! If it goes ok I will probably get myself a starter kit, especially as it has a book.