Thursday, February 28, 2008

My shed has arrived!

I had my lovely shed delivered yesterday - they managed to get the door round the wrong way, so they have to replace the whole front next week, but I'm still thrilled with it! Now we need to insulate..

These are some sets of silver cores which are in the etsy shop now
I'm really happy with them - they are a set of five unique beads, and I have put them on a high quality greek leather thong, which I have ended with sterling silver fittings (I just can't find good enough thong necklaces in the shops, so I make my own) so they can be worn on that or swapped to a silver core bracelet..

Also, there is a set of beads - that's right, I made a whole set without getting distracted, and I think they are gorgeous, with lots of depth.. they are called Purple Freckles!

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Fioleta said...

I love your Purple Freckles bead set and looking forward to seeing what you'll create in your new workshop.