Thursday, March 13, 2008

Malt loaf -

I love it, with slices of butter! I had a really good time yesterday, trying out the faux - boro technique for the first time. Boro is short for borosilicate, or pyrex glass, for which I would need a much hotter torch ( maybe one day!) but this technique gives some beautiful results, and I'm very pleased with what came out of the kiln.. I have tried again today, but I'm not sure it went as well, I will find out when they have been annealed.

Faux - boro over rubino oro glass..


xxcatxx said...

I love malt loaf too but not as much as your faux beads

smokingdrum said...

Mmmm malt loaf!

I love all your new beads..keep up the great work.