Wednesday, April 16, 2008

New website!

I have started up a new website called and have spent a lot more time setting it up than I thought it would take! I also haven't got the hang of everything, so it will probably evolve a bit as I learn!

Remember the shed saga? Well, I'm having the same problems with lining it - my lovely Dad has cut and fitted the insulation for me, but the hardboard we ordered to cover it up arrived all wrinkled and warped, the day after we waited in all day for it. I do now know that it's ok in some cases, and that you can dampen it and try and flatten it, but this stuff is for lining the walls and needs to be flat like the stuff you see in the shops.. I enquired as to whether I can expect it to be mostly flat, and they said they were sending out another lot...

Well, that was another whole day wasted because they didn't turn up again.. nor have they turned up today..Aaaarrrggghh! When am I allowed to lose my temper?! And there's the smug 'you can't do a thing about it' smug you get from these guys, who, when I said as soon as they arrived that it had obviously been on the truck all night and got wet, replied 'it always looks like that'! Well, maybe theirs does, but I have seen hardboard before..

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DizzyRu said...

Let's hope things will be sorted out soon. Just waiting to see some new creations in your new studio.