Thursday, August 7, 2008

practising my 'rounds'

I enjoyed myself yesterday morning practising round rather than 'doughnut' shaped beads - over time I have discovered that it's much easier to lay down a wider 'footprint' and marver it into a barrel shape, and then pile on enough glass to make a nice round ball rather than a narrow footprint and keeping on piling on the glass.. really we need piccies here.. how, I have no idea, except if I draw it on paper and photograph :-) might do that actually..

Anyway, here they are, I am rather pleased with them and may well be doing more soon unless my mind wanders again.. this lot are in my shop.


Lesley said...

They are so gorgeous and fresh looking !!!!!!!

DizzyRu said...

Beautiful shapes and colours! They will make a lovely set of jewellery.

Fioleta said...

Maybe you can get someone to video tape you while you are making them.

The beads are beautiful