Wednesday, September 10, 2008

new glass

The winner of the competition was Beadmonkey who suggested 'in the beginning' - it was a hard decision in the end with lots of great names!

I got a bit of new glass and I love the colours! The heart is 'kryptonite' from CIM and I think it's gorgeous..

I also bought myself a tool to make off-mandrel leaves, to go alongside my off-mandrel hearts..


eden said...

You do so well. I have had one lesson on lampwork, I can only make the simi round ones. but you give me hope

DizzyRu said...

I think they look gorgeous! Love the delicate variation of colour.

ChatElaine said...

Lovely heart with the new CIM colour and I love the leaves too! Doh! Never won, Oh well better luck next time!!!!