Wednesday, January 7, 2009

new year

I had a break over Christmas, it was lovely and relaxing and going back to school and work has been difficult!

It was -7 in my shed yesterday morning, the pot of water on my desk and the bead release frozen solid! I thawed it in warm water, didn't seem to come to any harm.

Today I bought myself some legwarmers to wear in the shed and out at work - they were great!

I made some discs and barrels using Psyche and a bit of Triton, encased in plenty of clear - and this time I decided to go back to effetre clear just to see if it was all that bad.. well, it wasn't! It seemed easier to melt after the Vetrofond clear I have been using for ages, and it wasn't so bad at turning the silver gold coloured, so all in all I'm happy!

I was also very generously donated some boro glass to try, and when I have bought some welding goggles I'll give it a whirl! If it goes ok I will probably get myself a starter kit, especially as it has a book.

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