Sunday, February 8, 2009

after the snow..

I hope that's it for a bit! We did enjoy the two days off school, sledging at the park, but I don't mind if that's all we get for now. Not knowing how long it was going to stay on the ground, I went out and dug - from our car, down the drive, along the access road and out to the next road which had been tantalising me as it was clear and driveable! I was pretty worn out, but it got me out to Sainsbury's so I was happy.

I have started adding bits to my shop again, four pendants have gone on today and I need to add things like earrings.. I'm gradually building up stock and at the same time trying out new things.

Following a tutorial from a fellow FritHappener, I tried making these rings - great fun and I will definitely do some more! I also have been buying these beautiful silk cords from another member and these are my first trials..

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ChatElaine said...

I love the rings especially the spotty blue one and the flowers too.