Thursday, April 19, 2012

some worked, some didn't..

I think this is where you discover whether the 'copper' beads you bought are actually copper or have something else in them.. several of the items fizzed green sparks like a firework (which would imply copper present) but the enamel wouldn't stay on and flaked off quickly afterwards revealing a brassy colour metal surface so I think maybe they weren't right..

However, the headpins worked and the flat copper shapes, I hammered some discs and drilled, and made a version of Barbera Lewis' fab projects with layered discs and a headpin through the middle. (see above)
Will have to think of what to make, they seem a bit heavy for earrings! Need to buy some thinner gauge copper sheet and cut smaller discs, a disc cutting set would be rather nice too.. I feel a shopping list coming on!

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