Wednesday, April 18, 2012

three years later.. hi again!

I thought I would ressurect my blog as I start out with flame enamelling. I am still lampworking and my designs have changed a fair bit since this blog was last updated. I hope to have more time now to keep up with it but time will tell!
I have always loved enamelled jewellery, and have some lovely brooches by Jane Moore, however as she became more and more skilled so her work lost it's appeal for me, looking too factory made and not hand done by an artist.
For a long time I have had an interest in learning enamelling myself, it wasn't one of the myriad craft areas we explored at uni, however I am a bit impatient and prefer instant results, to see things being transformed in my hands in front of my eyes, which is why I never got around to it, too much preparation and too many stages for me to hold my interest..
Until I discovered that you can enamel metal in a flame! I already have the propane/ oxygen torch set up for lampworking, so I had to do very little really, just get hold of the right enamels and have a go.
My first attempts have been very promising, but with things to figure out and much to learn.
Tomorrow I'm planning to have a little play - perhaps I'll have something to post!

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